The Hoods

Elias and Paige Hood


Paige Hood

Age – 30 years old (Two, Three, Four), 35 years old (Five, Six)

Physical description – 5 foot 3, brown curly hair, brown eyes

Spouse – Elias

Children – Unable to have biological children are her stalker’s attacks, she and Elias adopt two little girls, Hayley 5 and baby Arianna, in Six

Occupation – Police detective, she helps run the Matilda Rose Women and Children’s Center

Family – Father Jim, mother Ivy, siblings older brother Presley, younger brother Porter, and younger sister Prue

Fun facts – She and Jack dated briefly before she and Ryan became partners, her mother had a stalker when Paige was a teenager, she’s still grieving the loss of her friend Rose, she and Ryan are really good friends as well as partners and they occasionally bicker like kids

Books she appears inTwoThree, Four, Five, Six, Burning SecretsSeven, Eight, Nine, Ten


Elias Hood

Age – 31 years old (Two, Three, Four), 36 years old (Five, Six)

Physical description – 6 foot 2, brown hair, brown eyes

Spouse – Paige

Children – Two adopted daughters, Hayley who is 5 and baby Arianna

Occupation – Fire fighter

Family – An only child, parents Jeannie and Frank

Fun facts – He’s not in very many scenes in the books, he and Paige had three adoptions fall through when they were trying to create a family

Books he appears inThree, Four, Five, Six, Burning SecretsSeven, Eight, Nine, Ten