Week 35 – Trust me?

“Trust me?”

She just stood there shaking so badly she felt like she would shake herself into a million pieces.

“Hey,” he shoved his face right up close to hers. “Do you trust me?”

Trust this man? She didn’t even know him. But what choice did she have? She could trust him or she could wait here for the man who carjacked her to come back.

“Come on kid, do you trust me or not?”

“N-not a k-kid,” she stuttered. “Tw-twenty-eight.”

He raised one corner of his mouth in a half smile, “You don’t look a day over twenty.”

She gave him a teeny smile of her own. He was pretty hot. Tall, muscled, eyes so dark they appeared bottomless, brown hair all tousled from the wind. The fact that he’d just saved her life certainly swayed her decision to trust him in his favour. Besides what choice did she have? She could wander in the woods out here all night and never find her way out. The carjacker would find her long before she could find help.

When he extended his hand she barely hesitated for a moment before grasping it.

Then they were off, he dragged her along with him as they ran. Even if it weren’t dark she would have struggled to take in any of their surroundings. All she focused on was running for her life.

“Still trust me?” he asked when he finally stopped.

Her chest was heaving, she struggled to draw any air into her lungs, and was wishing she had been more diligent with her exercise regime so she wasn’t so out of shape. “Yes.”

“Then we jump.”

“Jump?” She took a step forward. They were on the edge of a cliff, a river lay beneath them. “I can’t swim.” Drowning or waiting here to be shot by the man who ran her car off the road. Those had to be the two worst choices in the history of the world.

“Trust me.”

With that he wrapped his arms around her and flung them both of the cliff.

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