Week 37 – Don’t

Mackenzie felt like she was stuck on a rollercoaster in the fog. Her stomach and her head were swirling up and down and up and down and up and down. She couldn’t see, her ears were filled with a rushing sound like she was still under the water.

She was going to be sick.

She groaned, and the man at her side correctly interpreted the sound and rolled her quickly onto her side as she threw up over and over again.

She had never felt this bad in her life.

He had saved her. Twice now. This stranger had risked his life to snatch her away from the carjacker before he killed her, then he had found her in the water and performed CPR on her. He was her hero.


Mackenzie was confused, was he talking to her? She wasn’t doing anything but lying here struggling to breathe.

“Don’t point a gun at me,” the man snarled again.

She realised he was talking to someone else. And if it was a man with a gun then the carjacker was back. Frantically she tried to struggle up, but her saviour put a hand on her shoulder and kept her still.

“Yeah? What’cha gonna do bout it?” the carjacker sneered.

“Kill you,” the man said. So calmly, so menacingly, that although the carjacker laughed, Mackenzie had no doubt in her mind that her saviour would follow through on that threat.

“Grab the pretty girl and come with me,” the carjacker instructed.

Strong arms slid underneath her and she was lifted off the ground and cradled against a hard chest, her head drooped to rest on a firm shoulder. Then they were moving. The motion made her stomach churn and she hoped she wasn’t going to throw up all over her saviour.

“He doesn’t know you’re conscious,” a voice whispered in her ear as they moved. “Keep it that way. Try to pull it together, I’m going to need your help to kill him so we walk out of this alive.”

Help him kill someone? What if she couldn’t? What if she messed up? What if she couldn’t do what he needed her to do? What if she failed him? What if they both wound up dead?

Overwhelmed, Mackenzie pressed her soaked body closer against the man’s and let herself float away into a peaceful, hazy slumber.

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