Week 40 – Never in all my life

He was kissing her like she was the most intoxicating thing on the planet. Without even realising it her hands moved to unzip his jeans and began to slide them down his hips.

She wanted to make love to him right here and now.

Part of Angelina’s brain told her that was a bad idea. He’d just shot someone. Cops would be descending on the park. They’d start searching the surrounding buildings. If they stayed here they could be found.

And yet she didn’t want to leave.

Abruptly she broke the kiss. “Teach me to shoot.”

“What?” Cole was panting, his blue eyes bright with desire. She wanted to sleep with him. She really did, but she wanted to do this first. What would be better that making her first kill then making love to the man she loved for the first time?

“Teach me to shoot.”

“Have you ever even touched a gun before?”

“Never in all my life.”

“A rifle is not a great choice for your first time.”

“You’re a good teacher,” she smiled seductively at him.

Cole grinned then handed her the gun.

She took it, trembling with excitement. She was about to kill something. And she was excited. There was something wrong with her. She knew it, she just didn’t care.

Arms like steel wrapped around her and she wiggled back until she was right up against his body, squirming until his voice rumbled through his chest and into her ear, “You keep that up and we’re not going to be doing any shooting.”

“Sorry,” she whispered.

“Look through the scope,” his large hand covered the back of her head and guided it so her eye was pressed up against it.

Below them in the park people were in a panic. A group had gathered around the woman in the short shorts and red halter top but she was already dead. Cole’s shot had killed her instantly.

“Did you make your choice?” Cole asked, his hands took hold of hers and moved them to hold the rifle correctly.

“Yes.” Adrenalin buzzed through her and she could barely contain her excitement.

“Ready?” Cole’s chin was on her shoulder, and she knew he had control of the gun, but he didn’t put his finger on the trigger. He left that for her.

When she nodded he helped her line up the target.

Then she pulled the trigger.

And the cop dropped.

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