Week 43 – Mom and boy next door

He shouldn’t have brought Angelina into this.

Cole wanted to regret his decision and yet he couldn’t. If she hadn’t found out what he did when he was off duty then the two of them wouldn’t be together right now. And he was too selfish to regret that.

But he wasn’t too selfish to put Angelina’s needs before his own.

He couldn’t change who he was. The mom and the boy next door had started this journey and it was too late for him to turn back now. But Angelina was right. Eyes would be on the two of them with his partner dead.

He knew what he had to do he just wasn’t sure he could do it.

“Cole?” Angelina settled herself on his lap.

He blinked and faked a smile. “Who was at the door?”

“Parcel,” she held up a box. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, babydoll,” he pressed his lips to the sensitive spot behind her ear and she shivered in his arms, then pushed him away.

“I don’t regret what happened. You were right, Duke deserved to die.”

He lifted his hand to her shoulder and tugged down her shirt, exposing smooth white skin marred by an angry red scar. It wasn’t the only one on her gorgeous body. Every time he saw them his blood boiled. Duke really did deserve to die, Cole just wished he’d been able to make it slow and painful.

“You’re going to go into hiding,” Angelina’s anxious amber eyes begged her to tell him it wasn’t true.

He couldn’t.

“You’re going to take me with you, aren’t you?”

He couldn’t tell her that either.

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