Week 45 – You’re a wild one, aren’t you?

“Okay, honey, which one do you like best?”

“Umm . . .” her ten year old son waffled.

“You can’t have them all,” she said firmly. She knew what was running through her son’s head.

“But, mom,” he whined.


“But, mom,” her husband parroted their son.

She glared at him, sometimes he was just a big kid himself. “Only one.”

“Okay,” her son turned back to the bouncing, squirming, over-excited basket full of kittens. “This one,” he pointed to a gorgeous black one with large green eyes and a tail that stuck straight up.

It was also the only kitten constantly falling out of the basket and tearing around the room.

“You’re a wild one, aren’t you?” she muttered as the kitten crashed into her leg on one of its careening circuits of the room. “Are we doing the right thing?” she asked her husband. “Is he ready for this? His own pet, that’s a big responsibility.”

“He’ll be fine, babe,” her husband nuzzled her neck.

He was the laid back one and she was the worrier. And right now she was worrying about her little boy, he was growing up way too quickly, she wasn’t ready for him to have his own pet. Own pet today, college tomorrow, she would blink and he’d be all grown up.

Her husband’s arm slid around her waist. “Come on, lets pay for the kitten and take it home.”

“You’re sure about this?” her anxious eyes met his.

He laughed and dropped a quick kiss to her lips. “Positive.”

She took a long steadying breath, her baby was growing up whether she liked it or not, so she may as well find a way to like it.

“Mommy?” her four year old daughter looked up at her.

“Yes, baby?”

“Can I have a kitten too?”

She just stared openmouthed at her little girl.

Her husband laughed harder. “Not today, princess, we don’t want to give mommy a heart attack.”

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