Week 49 – The world will end in fire

It seemed fitting that is should end like this.

This place was hell on earth, it was her own personal hell as well as so many other, and she couldn’t think of anything more perfect than it being engulfed in flames and burning to the ground.

All she hoped was that the evil that lurked within perished along with it.

She watched as flames licked at the door to her room. She couldn’t flee from them. Even if she wasn’t chained to the bed she doubted her battered, bruised, and broken body was capable of standing let alone walking through a fire.

So she just lay and accepted death.

Embraced it even.

Death was the doorway through which she could go to find peace. Everlasting peace. No more pain, no more torture, no more fear. She had long since forgotten what it was like to live like that. Over time her body and her mind had learned to accept her fate, the only part of her she fought to to protect was her soul. That was hers and she refused to let those men claim it.

And they hadn’t.

It was still hers, and it would enter death with her still intact.

She had won.

The heat was becoming unbearable. The smoke stole her vision, her hearing, and her breath, slowly suffocating her just like he had done so many times before. Only this time there would be no last minute reprieve. This time her lungs would scream for oxygen and there would be none for it to take. This time she would slip into unconsciousness and never wake again.

Elizabeth let the fire win, as long as it took her tormentors with it, it could claim every inch of this dark, dingy prison.

Her eyes were just submitting to the need to flutter closed when a figure appeared in the flames, walking towards her.

She might have felt fear that he was back to hurt her one last time.

She might have felt hope that someone was coming to save her.

Instead her groggy mind tumbled into sleep, her last thought was that the world will end in fire.

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