Week 52 – If you could fly, would you?

Another part of this little dark romance story! I might do one more next week then turn it into a novelette at some point!

Prompt – If you could fly, would you?

Why didn’t she wake up?

The girl just lay there.


Close to death.

She had a raging fever, he’d tried everything he could to bring it down short of taking her to a hospital. He couldn’t do that yet, he didn’t know if they’d killed all of the men. If they hadn’t one could easily track her to a hospital.

“Come on, kid,” he ordered. He was used to getting his way and it drove him mad that he couldn’t order the girl to wake up.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her. He wanted to know everything about her. He wanted to know her name. He wanted to know what her life had been like before she’d been taken. He wanted to know every despicable thing those men had done to her so he could take that pain from her and make it his own.

“Wake up.” He had to fight the urge to shake her to make her listen. Then he whispered desperately, “Please. You have to fight, girl. You can’t give up. You’ve survived worse and you’re safe now.”

Garrett babbled away at her as he attempted to cool her burning skin with a cold cloth. He’d rambled at her almost the entire time she’d been here, he didn’t like silence.

The girl looked even younger lying in his enormous bed, her hair fanned out on the pillow around a face as pale as paper. Her thin arms that rested on top of the covers were badly scarred. How long had she been a captive? What would she do now that she was free?

“If you could fly, would you?” he asked her unconscious form. Where would she fly to? Would she leave him as soon as she had recovered her strength? Could he let her leave? How could he feel this connected to a woman he didn’t even know?

He had never felt this way before.

He didn’t understand.

What had happened to him?


Garrett started at the soft voice. The girl was looking up at him, her large blue eyes latched on to his green ones. “No?” he repeated, confused.

“If I could fly, I wouldn’t. Not if it meant leaving you. You saved me.”

And that had forever bound the two of them together.

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