Signed Books

Signed paperbacks and ebooks

Thanks so much for being interested in ordering signed copies of my books!

Paperbacks are $15 each, if you order multiple books I may offer a discount based on the number of books you order.

Since I am in Australia and postage is expensive I have to charge $25 for a single book and an additional $10 for each extra book ordered. I know this is a lot but this is what it will cost me to post international orders.

Invoices must be paid within 48 hours, and since books need to be sent to Australia where I will then sign and post to you it will be at least 4 weeks from the date you pay your invoice until you receive your book, possibly more as postage can be slow and life can be busy and I may not be able to get to the post office for a few days. I will update you when your book arrives to me, and when I am posting it on to you.

Unfortunately sometimes books get lost in the post. This is outside of my control so I am not responsible for lost and undelivered books, however if your book does not make it to you I will go to my post office and file a complaint, which may result in me receiving my money back, in which case I will reorder your book and send again.

If ordering signed paperbacks is outside of your budget right now I also sell signed direct to kindle copies of my books for the same price you can purchase them on all other retailers (except for my permafrees which will be $0.99 each on my website) this is a much cheaper option to have a book signed by me!

Signed paperback order form

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