Week 256 – To new beginnings

New house, new name, new life.

Tillie looked around the small, empty cottage, it was old but nice and in reasonable condition, and she’d certainly lived in worse places growing up. It was weird being away from everything she had ever known, and the life she had built for herself, but at least she was alive.

“To new beginnings,” she whispered aloud, not that there was anyone to hear her.


For now she had to rebuild her life alone.

Still at least she had a life. All things considered she had a lot to be thankful for and she better start remembering that instead of everything she had lost.

To that end, Tillie straightened her spine, set down her suitcase, and headed for the kitchen. She’d brought one bag of groceries on the way here, she’d make a late dinner then sleep in the sleeping bag on the floor. Tomorrow she’d hit up some charity stores and try to find some cheap furniture to get her started. She had a little money to get by but she was going to have to find a job, and quickly.

Getting out bread, cheese, and butter she set about making herself a toasted cheese sandwich, the ultimate comfort food for her and one she had basically grown up on.

The light in the cottage was dull, coming only from a couple of old fashioned wall lamps, so she didn’t see the figure creeping quietly through the house until a hand closed over her mouth and she was yanked back against a rock hard chest.

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