Week 257 – She quickly grabbed the frying pan

Tank hated when cases were women.

Especially petite women like the one making the sandwich in her kitchen, completely oblivious to his presence.

Still he had been paid to collect the woman, that was what he’d come here to do, and that was what he was going to do. He just didn’t like it.

When he grabbed her, yanking her up against his chest and pinning her arms by her sides, he felt her freeze for a moment, then there was that moment of terror that would be threatening to overwhelm her. The the little blonde pixie did something he hadn’t been expecting.

Instead of trying to brute force her way out of his hold, which would have been impossible, she put her hand between his legs, grab his crotch and twisted.

The pain was instantaneous and did exactly what she intended, caused him to release her.

Again, the blonde pixie surprised him when she quickly grabbed the frying pan off the counter and swung it at his head.

Tank wasn’t so incapacitated that he could duck, the frying pan glancing off his skull. Then he reached out and snagged her again. She fought like her life depended on it, but she was tiny and he was able to keep a hold on her, making sure his body was twisted so she couldn’t get in another attack, as he pulled out the syringe.

“Good try, little pixie,” he murmured as he pierced her skin and delivered the sedative.

As the woman’s fighting slowly faded until she hung limp in his arms and he swung her up, Tank decided he hated this case more than any other he had worked. The little blonde pixie didn’t deserve what she had coming.

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