Week 260 – It started to get dark and Tillie was still alone in the cabin

The relief she felt when the big man unlocked her handcuff was immense and Tillie immediately slipped her arm through the sweatshirt, feeling marginally safe with a layer of clothing between her and her kidnapper.

While she wouldn’t go anywhere near as far as saying she trusted him, he didn’t look at her like he wanted to rape her, and he’d given her back her clothes, as well as cleaning up her vomit. Maybe he was a nice kidnapper, and if he was she intended to take advantage.

“Bathroom is in there, you can take a shower if you want but there isn’t a lot of hot water out here,” the big man said, opening a different door than the one he’d been coming and going through.

Tillie had told him he could trust her but that of course had been a lie. She was going to take the first opportunity that presented itself to escape. Making sure she stuck close to the walls, as far as she could get from the big man, she inched closer to the bathroom.

He waited patiently until she was inside before disappearing from the bedroom. As soon as he was gone, Tillie slammed the bathroom door closed. There was no lock but she didn’t have time to worry about that.

First thing she did was turn on the shower so he would think thats where she was, then she searched the room for a weapon. When she came up empty she turned her attention to the small window above the toilet. It would be a tight fit, but Tillie thought she could make it. Good thing she was small.

A frown creased her forehead as she remembered how the big man liked to call her little pixie. Why would he bother giving her a nickname when he intended to hand her over to O’Riley?

As she climbed onto the toilet and eased the window open she could have sworn that she heard the another door close.

The cabin’s front door?

Had the big man left?

Footsteps crunched over gravel and she heard a car engine start. He was leaving. Relief hit her hard. She had no idea why he would leave her here alone now was she going to waste time thinking about it.

It started to get dark and Tillie was still alone in the cabin, it was time to get out of here. Shoving the window as far open as it would go, she swung a leg up and over the sill and carefully squeezed herself through.

Elation flooded through her as her feet hit the ground, adrenalin too. They were in the forest somewhere, she had no idea where, or how long it had taken them to get here, but she didn’t care. However far she had to go to find freedom she would go.

Tillie took off running, her bare feet stung as they flew over sticks and stones, but she didn’t slow down. She couldn’t, not if she wanted to live.

She hadn’t gone far when a large shadow appeared in front of her. She had no time to change direction, to stop, or even to scream before he was on her. Yanked up against that same rock hard chest from the kitchen in her new house, she knew fighting was futile but she did it anyway.

A hand clamped over her mouth and she was shaken. Not roughly exactly, just enough for him to get her attention.

“Stop fighting, little pixie, I’m not going to hurt you.”

Helplessness hit hard, tears blurring her vision. He said that and yet he’d kidnapped her. If he really wasn’t going to hurt her he never would have abducted her. Why wouldn’t he just let her go?

As though he’d read the question even though she hadn’t said it aloud, he inclined his head at the cabin she’s just fled, and the men currently slinking through the dark towards the it. “Because of them. Because I’m the only thing standing between you and certain death at the hands of Mac O’Riley.”

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