Week 261 – How was he going to help her?

Looked like the little pixie was going to get her answers now anyway. He’d known she was going to run, but someone had tripped his security system and the quickest way of getting her out of the cabin without raising suspicion if someone was watching them.

The pixie sagged in his hold and he slowly released her, ready to grab her if she was playing him. But when he released her all she did was turn and look up at him.

“What’s your name?”


“You really weren’t going to hurt me, were you? Its why you washed my clothes and cleaned up after me.”

Tank nodded. “You remember Agent Bartlow?” When she nodded he continued. “He’s my brother, when he realised that someone had compromised your new identity he reached out to me. I work for a group that protects people like you who are in danger. If I’d walked into your house last night and told you all of this you wouldn’t have believed me. Even if you did if your house was being watched and you just walked out with me then they would have known something was up. I had to pose as one of the bounty hunters out to get the money for turning you over to O’Riley. I didn’t think you’d believe me if I told you at the cabin so I was going to wait till the others arrived, only they got here first.”

Tillie’s large blue eyes looked almost eerie in the dark forest, he could see her struggling to take all of this in and no doubt regretting her decision to go to the cops with what she had witnessed that night.

But there was no going back. Not for Tillie and not for him. He was in this till he knew for certain she was safe, there was something he didn’t understand compelling him to protect her.

“W-what do we do now?” she asked, with just a tiny tremor in her voice.

Again the pixie’s strength amazed him but before he could answer gunshots sliced through the quiet forest. How was he going to help her? How was he going to get her out of here?

Right now, Tank had no idea, but he did know he needed one thing. “For now all you do is trust me. Is that something you can do?”

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