Week 262 – Trust wasn’t something that came easily though

Tillie wanted to trust him.


Trust wasn’t something that came easily though. It had to be earned. Had Tank earned her trust?

He was tall, muscled, his dark eyes were as black as the sky and his hair matched, his skin was tanned as though he spent a lot of time outside. Now that she knew it she could see the resemblance to Agent Bartlow. Tank might have kidnapped and drugged her, but he’d washed her clothes, cleaned the room, and was promising to keep her safe.

But what if the men in the cabin were cops come to rescue her from him and he was intent on taking her to O’Riley?

Her gut said he was exactly who he’d said he was.

Giving a decisive nod, she said, “I trust you.”

It could be her imagination but he looked pleased by her admission and he grabbed her hand and took off into the forest. The men were still shooting at them but no one called out that they were the cops and gave orders to stop, which assured Tillie that she’d made the right choice.

Since she’d heard a car engine before she’d run she assumed they were reading for a car, but instead Tank led her down to a river where a motorboat was waiting for them.

“You drive, I’ll shoot,” he told her as he helped her on board and turned on the engine.

“Maybe they won’t know where we went,” she said, she’d never driven a boat before but how hard could it be?

As the engine sprung to life a bunch of men broke through the treelike, bearing down on them, guns firing them. Never once had she regretted going to the cops with what she’d seen that night, not when she had to give up her home, and her job, and her life. But in this moment if she could go back in time she’d turn the other way and keep walking.

She was going to die out here, her and Tank both. If they were lucky a bullet would end their lives quickly and mercifully, because if O’Riley got his hands on her then her death would be anything but.

As she did her best to drive the boat away from the shore and the men shooting at them, Tank seemed to fire with ease, taking out their pursuers.

“Wow,” she said when he finally stopped firing. “You’re good.”

“The best,” he agreed. “Which is why I was sent to get you. I’m sorry, little pixie, I know that was hell for you.”

“Its okay, you saved my life, I can forgive you for scaring me half to death.” She managed a smile for him because she knew without his intervention those men would have come for her when she was alone and vulnerable.

Tank smiled back and his entire face was transformed. He was good looking, pantie melting kind of good looking, and a flood of awareness hit her. Now that she knew he was no threat to her she could notice how attractive he was.

“Why are you calling me little pixie?” she asked, taking a step towards him like some invisible force was drawing them together.

“You remind me of a pixie. The blonde curls, the big blue eyes, you’re small and light on your feet, a pixie.”

The name had annoyed her earlier now she smiled and moved closer still. Tank had nice lips, kissable lips, maybe it was the adrenalin flowing through her system but she wanted to kiss him.

He moved closer too, his hands lifted as though he were going to draw her into his arms, then she noticed a loud roaring sound. Startled she looked around, half expecting to see a helicopter hovering above them, but the sound wasn’t coming from the sky, it was coming from the river where a huge waterfall sent water slamming down into the rocks below.

A waterfall they were heading straight for.

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