Week 263 – Tank grabbed her hand and reached up and grabbed a limb


Just great.

Tank sighed as the boat tipped and headed over the waterfall. He grabbed at Tillie but the forward momentum through her out of his reach and he prayed that she knew how to swim.

Dragging in a deep breath he held it and didn’t fight against it when they hit the water and were dragged under along with the boat. Allowing the water to do its thing, he went with the current instead of fighting against it, and when it shoved him out from underneath the pressure of the waterfall he swam for the surface.

Once his head broke above the water he scanned the area searching for Tillie. Had she made it up? Had the pressure of the waterfall been too much? Had she been too scared to remember to hold her breath before they went under?

Questions ran through his head along with the uncomfortable feeling that he actually liked the little pixie.

Tank didn’t like people. Ever. Especially women. Yet the pixie … there was something about her he liked. Respected.

He was about to dive down and search for her when he spotted her up ahead. She was trying to swim towards the bank, but struggling against the current. His much bigger frame and SEAL training, meant he could move much more easily through the fast flowing river, and when he reached her Tank grabbed her hand and reached up and grabbed a limb, pulling them up and out of the water.

They were both breathing hard, Tillie lay beneath him on the large tree branch, the water ran beneath them, moonlight streamed down on them, she stared up at him with eyes that were … soft. Not how he’d expect her to look at him after he’d kidnapped her, drugged her, tied her up, and then theyd almost been shot at and drowned. See, that was exactly what he liked about her, no hysterics, no screaming, she held it together when it counted.

Her gaze dropped to his lips, then rose to his eyes again. Did she want to kiss him?

His heart rate accelerated and his pulse took off, he wanted to reach for her, taste her, but he needed to be sure.

When her hands lifted and her fingers tangled in his hair, all bets were off. Crushing his mouth to hers he kissed her and found a pleasure filled place he hadn’t even known existed.

Big mistake.

Falling for a job was not part of the plan.

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