Week 264 – Things like this don’t happen to normal people

Kissing him was not part of the plan.

Tillie wasn’t angry with him anymore, nor was she scared of him, but she also knew that he was walking away from her when his responsibilities ended. This was just a job to him and she had a tendency to let her heart get a little too invested in people who didn’t offer her their heart in return.

Tank had emotionally closed off written all over him and yet …

She was attracted to him and the fact that he had saved her, risking his life in the process, had her liking him. Actually liking him.

Big mistake.

Still she wouldn’t have pulled her lips away from Tank’s for anything. He kissed like he did everything else, powerfully, confidently, thoroughly.

“We shouldn’t have done that,” he said when he pulled away, but his hands were tender as he smoothed a wet lock of hair off her cheek, and then helped her to her feet. “Are you hurt?” He ran his hands over her body and even though he did it clinically her body didn’t get the memo and heated anyways.

“I’m okay,” she assured him, hoping he thought that she was squirming because she was wet and cold and not because of his touch.

“We have to get out of here, they’ll be coming.” He took her hand and began to pull her along.

Running for her life, things like this don’t happen to normal people, and yet her entire life had been turned upside down. Going to the cops with the murder she had witnessed was the right thing to do but why did it have to take everything from her?

Her lungs were burning, she had a stitch in her side, and she wanted to stop and rest but Tank kept running so she did too. Her eyes brightened when she saw a car up ahead.

“Is that yours?” she wheezed.

“Yep, hold on a little longer, little pixie, and I’ll get you someplace safe.”

Safe. Did such a place even exist for her anymore?

They both scrambled into the car and Tank wasted no time in turning on the engine and driving through the trees and onto the road.

Hope was just starting to bubble up inside her, maybe Tank really could get her someplace safe, but then she noticed the cars up ahead of them blocking the road.

Gunshots once again pieced the night and Tillie bit back a scream or fear and frustration. Tank threw the car in reverse and started driving backwards, and once again she thought they might get away.

Then she heard his grunt of pain, and turned to find blood blooming on his chest, and hope died. Not only was she about to meet a brutal end but Tank was going to die just for trying to save her.

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