Week 266 – The cavalry arrived

Tillie swung the gun in the direction of the light.

Her eyes, accustomed to the dark, wanted to close against the sudden light but she fought against the urge. Tank had passed out and she was so grateful she’d grabbed his gun in the car. O’Riley’s men hadn’t bothered to pat her down, assuming Tank was the only threat.

Now they knew better.

Well the man in the back of the truck with them had realised that right before she’d killed him.

She’d kill these men too if she had to, protect Tank and herself.

“Put the gun down,” a voice ordered.

Yeah, right. No way she was doing that.

“Put the gun down, now.”

They were coming, trying to get to Tank.

No. She couldn’t let them do that. She wouldn’t let them hurt him. He’d saved her life, been shot because of her, she wasn’t going to let him die.

Someone lunged at her, wrapped their arms around her, one hand circling her wrist and prying the gun from her grasp.

They were going to kill her.

Her and Tank.

She’d failed him.

Tillie fought against him frantically until she heard a deep voice, heavy with pain, speak. “Stop fighting, sweetheart, the cavalry arrived,” Tank told her.

Tillie stilled instantly. The cavalry? It had to be Tank’s team. She sagged in the man’s hold and his grip on her changed, softening somehow, and he scooped her up.


They were safe now, but was Tank going to survive his injuries?

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