Week 268 – “This has to end Tank and I’m the only one who can end it,” says Tillie

“Tank?” Tillie went to him. He sounded so angry and she wondered what his friend had said to him to provoke such a response. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“Did you let Rock check you out?” he demanded, his dark eyes stormy with an emotion she didn’t understand.

She cast a wary glance at the other man, all of these men were big, and they scared her. They were hard, and tough, and although they’d all been nice she didn’t know them and they reminded her of O’Riley’s men even if they were the good guys. Slowly she shook her head.

“You let Rock look you over. Now,” he ordered as he shoved his massive frame into a sitting position.

Worried he would topple straight back down she moved to sit beside him, slipping an arm around his waist to steady him. “I’m fine,” she murmured. “What made you angry?”

He pressed his lips into a thin line and refused to answer.


If he was going to be a baby then she’d have to get answers somewhere else. She turned to Rock, noted his amused smirk, but ignored it. “Why is he angry?”

“Doesn’t like our plan,” Rock replied.

“Your plan?” Tillie asked.

“Leave it,” Tank growled.

“No, I want to know,” she insisted. It was her life they were talking about after all. For Tank and his team this was a job, but for her it was life and death.

Tank growled again, but Rock merely laughed, then sobered as he looked at her. “O’Riley isn’t going to let you go, Tillie, not for anything. The only way you’ll ever be safe is to remove him from the equation. Permanently.”

“How do we do that?” she asked. Tank gave another growl, and she absently stroked his thigh, calming him. She was too lost in thought to see the other men exchanging glances.

“They want you to play bait,” Tank snarled, throwing mean looking glares at his friends.

“Bait?” she echoed.

“As in risk your life again on the chance that we get this guy. I won’t allow it,” Tank said.

“Excuse me? You won’t allow it? When did you become the boss of me?” Tillie asked but she couldn’t deny she kind of liked the growly possessive look in his eyes right now. Could he care about her? She was certainly starting to care about him.

“You have a death wish, pixie?”

She huffed a chuckle despite the nausea churning in her belly. As badly as the idea of facing O’Riley terrified her, the desire to end things, finally be free, was tempting. Too tempting. “This has to end Tank and I’m the only one who can end it,” says Tillie.

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