Week 269 – I can do this with you! You will be there to protect me.

Surely they’d all gone insane.

He might have been the one who was shot and lost blood but it seemed like he was the only one capable of being logical.

“She’s not doing it,” Tank told his team.

“Don’t dismiss me,” Tillie fumed beside him.

Since the thought of Tillie willingly walking into the lion’s den had him a step away from losing his mind, he ignored her, and focused on his team. “Come up with another plan, I won’t let you use her.”

“Won’t let them?” Tillie spluttered.

“You’re cute when you’re mad, pixie, but you have no training which makes you a liability.” Tank actually thought the opposite, she had no training but she was anything but a liability, but he had to find a way to keep her as far from O’Riley as he could.

“You are unbelievable. I saved your ungrateful self didn’t I?” Tillie snapped.

“She’s got you there, Tank,” Rock said, clearly amused. “Don’t worry we’ll make sure your girl doesn’t get hurt.”

“I’m not his … oh …” Tillie nodded her head slowly like she got it, and Tank threw a glare his friend’s way. Rock just shrugged and went to join the others at the table, leaving him and Tillie alone.

“Ignore Rock, he just likes to stir up trouble,” he said quickly.

“Oh.” Now she looked hurt. Women. What guy understood them? Certainly not him. “So you don’t like me?” Tillie asked.

“I … its not … we’re …” he stammered, and stammering wasn’t something he ever did.

“He likes you, darlin'” Scorpion called out.

“I’m going to take great pleasure killing you all,” he growled, hit team just laughed at the threat they knew he’d never follow through on.

“Tank, I like you too” Tillie said as she came back towards the bed and sat beside him.

He sighed, scrubbed his hands down his face. He didn’t like women. Well he liked them, but in a one and done kind of way. The life he lived was hardly conducive to longterm relationships. Yet he couldn’t deny that Tillie had him feeling things he had no business feeling.

“I don’t want you hurt,” he muttered.

She sat and took his hands in her much smaller ones. “I don’t want to get hurt either, but O’Riley is never going to let me go. I want my life back, and I don’t want to do it alone. I can do this with you! You will be there to protect me. Won’t you? Please? I need you.”

This was a bad idea, he knew that it was. There were so many things that could go wrong. But how could he not help this beautiful woman get her life back, even if he had to walk away from her when this was done, when she was safe.

Tillie said she liked him and he couldn’t deny he liked her too, but she didn’t know the things he’d done. He didn’t deserve a sweet woman like Tillie.

“Fine. Lets here this plan,” he said.

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