Week 271 – Her head was pounding slowly the car boot opened

“O’Riley, I got your package,” Tank yelled out as he stepped out of his car. The meet had been arranged at an abandoned industrial estate, which it wasn’t the location he would have chosen he wasn’t in the driver’s seat here.

Nobody answered him but Tank knew he wasn’t alone, he could feel eyes on him. O’Riley was here and he was likely making sure he’d come alone before he was going to show himself.

Standing his ground he leaned against the side of the car and tried to look bored when he felt anything but.

A full two minutes later he saw O’Riley approaching, flanked by two bodyguards who levelled weapons at Tank.

He straightened, and watched them approach. This had to be the worst plan, but it was all they had and it was far too late to back out now.

“What are you doing here?” O’Riley asked. The crime lord had a smug smile on his face, amusement crinkled his eyes like the whole thing amused him, and that only fuelled Tank’s rage.

“I have something you want.”

“You tried to protect her earlier,” the crime boss said.

Tank shrugged. “I’m a mercenary, I go where the money goes. The girl is more trouble than she’s worth. I’ll hand her over to you but I want the reward money.”

“You’ll get whatever I decide,” O’Riley said. “First we need to confirm you have her. Where is she?”

“Trunk,” he said simply. As one of the bodyguards approached he rounded the car. Tillie blinked up at him, from the looks of this her head was pounding slowly the car boot opened as he did his best to keep her shielded while also keeping O’Riley’s attention.

The betrayal in her eyes hit him hard but there was no time to reassure him because all hell broke loose.

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