Week 272 – Tillie pulled a gun when the bodyguard was distracted

She had woken up in the trunk while it was still moving. Tillie remembered everything. Agreeing to play bait to end things once and for all, Tank being reluctant to agree to the plan, then him betraying her and drugging her.

Her stomach churned and she had to swallow down bile. The last thing she needed right now was to throw up all over herself while tied up and stuffed in the trunk of a car.

The car stopped moving, she heard Tank yell out for O’Riley. Her heart hurt as she listened to him tell the crime boss that she was more trouble than she was worth.

Was that true?

Had he really betrayed her?

Pain lanced through her chest as the trunk opened and she looked up int Tank’s face. It wasn’t the physical kind but the kind that came with trusting someone only to find out it had been a mistake.

Before anyone said anything gunfire erupted.

She had no idea who was shooting at who, or who started it but the next thing she knew someone was grabbing her and dragging her out of the trunk.

It wasn’t Tank, he was fighting with another man and she could see O’Riley hurrying away with a bodyguard.


This time he wasn’t getting away. The man dragging her away from Tank, turned to yell something at his friend. Tillie pulled a gun when the bodyguard was distracted, taking his own weapon to use against him. Served him right for thinking she wasn’t a threat.

The man had made the mistake of cutting the ties at her wrists when he pulled her out of the car. Swinging the weapon at him she tried not to see him as a human and instead just as someone who wanted to hurt her.

She fired.

“O’Riley!” she screamed.

The man turned in her direction and she pointed the weapon at him and began to fire it, over and over again until there were no bullets left in the clip.

It wasn’t until it no longer fired that she realised the burning pain in her chest wasn’t from betrayal this time.

This time it was from a bullet.

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