Week 275 – Tillie didn’t know how to find Tank and she needed to talk to him

Tank sat on the porch of his cabin staring out at nothing.

One month.

It had been one month to the day the last time he’d seen Tillie. The day she’d woken and he’d finally felt his heart settle in his chest, thinking he wasn’t going to lose her, only to have it shattered into a million pieces.

Was she looking for him?

Every night he dreamed that she was. That Tillie didn’t know how to find Tank and she needed to talk to him. But every day he woke up to a nothing but silence and an empty cabin.

“How much longer are you going to wait?” Rock asked appearing out of nowhere.

“She asked for time,” he said dully. They’d had this conversation every day when Rock came by to check up on him.

“You’ve given her time.”

“She’ll call when she’s ready.” He hoped. He prayed. Because he was losing his mind without her.

“Maybe she’s waiting for you to come to her. Fight for her.”

“Tillie doesn’t play games like that.”

“I don’t mean like a game. I mean she felt betrayed, like you didn’t really care about her, maybe she needs you to prove that you do care about her.”

He hadn’t thought about it that way.

“I don’t want to see you hurting anymore, man. Or punishing yourself. You wanted to tell her about the drugs, you have nothing to feel guilty about. Its time, yeah?”

A couple of hours later as he stood outside Tillie’s front door, flowers in hand, he hoped he was doing the right thing.

“Oh.” Tillie’s mouth dropped open as she opened her front door to find him standing there. She looked pale, she’d lost weight since he last saw her, she was lucky to be alive and her recovery would be long and slow. broken ribs sucked and she’d had three shattered by the bullet that almost took her from him.

“Please say I’ve given you enough time,” he said roughly. The need to touch her, hold her, claim her, was overwhelming. She was his and he never wanted to have to walk away from her again.

“I haven’t heard anything from you since you left,” she said, a slight wobble in her voice.

“You asked for time.”

“I know, but …”

“Damn,” he muttered rubbing his hands over his face. “I shouldn’t have stayed away so long should I?”

“I thought you …”

Tank cut her off by snatching her off the ground, hauling her into his arms, and kissing her like he’d dreamed of every day, and every night since he walked out of her hospital room. “Don’t you ever doubt again how much I want you, because I want you more than I want to breathe.”

A smile touched her lips. “I missed you.”

“I can assure you, babe, not more than I missed you.”

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