Week 276 – That was amazing!

Ariel laughed at the text message that popped up on her phone. Leave it to her best friend to be able to cheer her up after a bad day.

That was amazing! she typed back. She hadn’t wanted to come out tonight, hadn’t wanted to deal with the noise at the bar, or the guys who would inevitably hit on her, but her bestie had insisted it was what she needed.

While she wasn’t so sure, cozy PJs, chocolate, and one of her favorite author’s books were her usual go to when she’d had a bad day and what she’d rather be doing right now, at least she’d get in a few laughs.

Feeling eyes on her, Ariel shifted uncomfortably. The last thing she wanted was to pick up a guy tonight. Okay, so it had been over a year since she’d last had a boyfriend, but dating was difficult for her. She couldn’t trust, couldn’t open herself up, couldn’t allow herself to be vulnerable with them.

Been there, done that, had the scars on her heart to prove it.

How much longer till you get here? she typed.

Fifteen minutes tops, popped up a few seconds later.

She sighed. Another fifteen minutes? No way could she allow someone to stare at her for another fifteen minutes, and whoever was watching her hadn’t looked away.

Drawing up her courage, Ariel turned, intending to tell the man politely she wasn’t interested, but instead when she turned around all the air left her lungs.


The man she’d loved, the man who had crushed her so thoroughly she still wasn’t over it fifteen years later.

Tears blurred her vision.

She snatched up her purse and fled.

Outside she stopped to drag in a few breaths, trying to feed her starving lungs.

Not feeling well, have to go home, she quickly typed out a text to her friend then turned off her phone, knowing her bestie would press for answers to her sudden bout of sickness. Later, she’d explain everything later, now she just needed to get home, as far away from him as she could get.

Just as she shoved her cell phone into her purse something moved behind her.

Before she even knew what had happened a bag was thrown over her head and she was being pulled backwards.


The scream of her name by the man who had destroyed her heart was the last thing she heard before something pierced her neck and blackness stole her away.

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