Week 277 – She woke to darkness, disoriented with her hands and feet bound

Thick black locks that cascaded down her back all the way to her backside. The softest milky white skin he’d ever had the pleasure of touching. Huge golden brown eyes framed by long black lashes. She was like an even more stunning vision of Snow White. With the way her eyes seemed to glow like golden orbs he’d always thought she really could have stepped out of the pages of a fairytale.

Now she was gone.

Rock stood staring in horror at the white van that disappeared round the corner.

He’s chased after it of course but he’d failed to catch up with it.

Seemed all he did when it came to Ariel was fail.

“We called it in,” Tank said, coming to a stop beside him. The words were meant to be comforting but they offered none.

This was his fault.

She’d been running from him.

The first time in fifteen very long years that he decided he could no longer live without her and would have to approach, grovel, and maybe somehow win back her love. Instead as soon as she’d seen him she’d run and wound up getting herself abducted.

No doubt sometime in the next hour or she would wake up and realise the horror of her situation. He could see it playing out in his mind like a horror movie he couldn’t shut off. She woke to darkness, disoriented with her hands and feet bound, she’d scream and cry, beg for help, then she’d fight.

His Snow White was a fighter, that was what he had to hold onto.

“We’ll find her,” Tank said, resting a supportive hand on Rock’s shoulder. The man had recently lived through his own ordeal with the woman he’d fallen in love with, so he knew Tank understood how he felt at this moment.

Thing was he did believe he and his team could find Ariel, that would be the comparatively easy part. The hard part would be convincing her to forgive him for the unforgivable things he’d done. Now she had one more reason to hate him, and he feared he’d never get a happy ending with the woman he loved.

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