Week 281 – Fear like no other crept down Rock’s spine

Fear like no other crept down Rock’s spine.

After nine weeks of hunting for Ariel, having lead after lead fall through, slowly piecing together a puzzle that was a lot more terrifying than he’d originally thought, when they’d walked into that room and he’d seen her with his own two eyes he’d thought it was over. She was safe, in his arms, and he would do whatever it took to help her heal and earn her trust back.

Now with her seconds away from safety they were being shot at.

Rock pressed her against the cold concrete, she was too still, too quiet. Had she been hit? Or were her injuries too severe and she was slowly dying?


He wouldn’t accept that.


Already he’d spent far too long without her in her life. Put off explaining what he should have told her a decade ago because he was afraid it wouldn’t do any good. That knowing the truth wouldn’t change anything.

No more being a coward. If he got Ariel out of here and back home then he was going to finally tell her the truth.

Scorpion stood between him and Ariel and whoever was shooting at them, his only job was to protect Ariel. Something he’d failed at too many times to count.

Suddenly everything fell silent.

Cautiously he lifted his head to find Scorpion grinning down at him. “We clear?” Rock asked.

“We’re clear. Let’s get your girl out of here.”

That sounded perfect. Carefully he scooped Ariel into his arms and stood. Dark flashes fluttered against cheeks that were far too pale, when her eyes opened they were bottomless brown pools of pain.

“Sebastian?” she croaked.

The sound of his name on her lips was everything he’d dreamed about for so long. “Shh, baby, you’ve done your part, you held on, didn’t give up, now you just rest and let me take care of you.” He touched his lips to her forehead and held them there for a moment.

When Ariel closed her eyes again and rested her head against his shoulder he felt like he was in Heaven. Was he going to get the one thing he wanted more than anything else, Ariel’s heart, or was he going to lose her all over again and be plunged right back into a Hell of his own making?

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