Week 282 – She felt like she was floating on a cloud

Time lost all meaning.

There was no cold, no pain, she felt like she was floating on a cloud.

Ariel didn’t trust the feeling.

How man times had she dreamed she was safe, and warm, and free from pain only to wake back up in that dungeon hell?

Too many to count.

“Come on, sweetheart, its time to wake up now.”

A voice had been telling her that often but she hadn’t had the strength to do as it asked.

Now somehow her eyes popped open at the command and she found a face hovering above hers. Short dark hair, brilliant green eyes, a face she’d day dreamed about as a kid.

Her white knight.

Her destroyer.

Her saviour.

Sebastian was both the hero and the villain of their story, and she wasn’t sure how to feel about that.

“Are you in pain? Do you need more drugs?” he asked, the concern in his face and tone both evident.

“I’m okay,” she whispered. She was on a bed, bundled in blankets, an IV ran from the back of one hand, she was clean, and dry, and warm, really she a whole lot better than okay. “Where are we?”

“Somewhere safe. We’ll stay here for a few days until you’re strong enough to travel, then we’re going home.”


After what she’d been through it had seemed like a dream that would never come true.

“Ariel, we’re going to need to talk about what happened,” Sebastian said.

Wildly she shook her head. No. No way was she talking about what those men had done to her. Never. Not with anyone. Especially not with Sebastian.

“You need to talk about it, sweetheart. And I have a lot I need to say to you. A lot to make up for. I’ve spent the last fifteen years trying to become a man worthy of you, of your love, your heart, your trust. I’m ready to fight for you, Ariel. Fight for us.”

If he’d said those words to her before she’d been abducted they might have meant something, but now the woman he claimed he wanted to fight for no longer existed. She’d died weeks ago and all that was left was the shell of a person.

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