Week 283 – Tears flooded her eyes

“How’s she doing?” Scorpion asked from behind him.

“The same,” Rock replied. She’s woken up three days ago but all she’d done was lie in the bed staring sightlessly at the ceiling. He didn’t know how to reach her, it was like the Ariel he’d known and loved since they were teens had been lost during her ordeal.

He wanted her back. Would do anything to reach her but he didn’t know what to do.

“She needs you, man, you being there will get through to her eventually, just have to give it time.”


Already he’d wasted more time than he should have. But what he’d done had been inexcusable and he’d needed to make sure before he went to her to beg her forgiveness and a second that he was worthy of her. Now he thought he’d waited too long.

“Just be there, she knows you’re here,” Scorpion assured him. “When you’re not in the room she looks for you.”

She did?

The knowledge bolstered his confidence a little, and he moved to stretch out beside Ariel on the bed, sitting so he was propped against the headboard. Carefully he reached for her, pulled her into his arms. She came, not willingly, more like she was a rag doll being moved, but at least she didn’t fight him.

“I’m here, sweetheart,” he whispered as he touched his lips to her forehead. “Don’t give up, baby. Please.”

“Its too late,” Ariel said. When she lifted her head he watched as tears flooded her eyes. Tears he would do anything to take away.

“No. I won’t believe that. You survived nine weeks of hell, you are not giving up now. I won’t let you.”

A small smile tipped her lips for a moment but then it faded. “What if he comes back?”

“The man who bought you? He can’t.” The man was dead, he’d never hurt anyone else.

“No. I meant Arthur Gomez, he wants to get rid of me, when he finds out I’m alive and free he’ll come back.”

Rock felt his blood turn to ice at her words. They had assumed she’d been snatched at random but what Ariel had just told him meant she had been targeted on purpose. Because someone wanted to get her out of the way. Which meant his sweet Snow White wasn’t safe.

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