Week 286 – The takedown

Could she forgive him?

Ariel honestly wasn’t sure. He’d shattered her heart, embarrassed her, shunned her, and then walked away like she was nothing.

But they had been young at the time. Sebastian had been a senior in high school and she was two years younger.

Maybe maturity had helped him realise how badly he’d hurt her. Everything he was saying were words she’d dreamed about him saying for so many years. He’d come looking for her too, there must have been a reason, and he’d fought to find her while she was trapped in Hell. Saved her life.

If he hadn’t been so determined to find her she could still be in Hell.

“I … think I could try,” she whispered.

The relief and joy on Sebastian’s face about stole her breath. Wow he was good looking when he smiled like that. And once again he was showing her that he really did care. They needed to talk through the past but now wasn’t the time.

Now she needed to heal, had to figure out a way to recover and rebuild from the horrific ordeal she’d just lived through.

“I promise you won’t regret giving me a chance,” Sebastian vowed, then lifted her hands and touched a kiss to the back of each.

“What happens next?” With them? With her? With the man who wanted her to disappear?

“Now we get you strong enough to travel home, then me and my team figure out a way to nail Arthur Gomez, then we have the takedown. Then once he’s not a threat to you I fugue out a way to fix what I broke between us.”

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