Week 287 – Finally vacationing with the family

Finally vacationing with the family.

It had been a long year. Everything that had gone down with Tank and his girl Tillie, then right on the heels of that there was the mess with Rock and his girl Ariel who had finally gotten the happy ending they should have had as teens.

They all needed a break, Scorpion knew he certainly did.

Two weeks chilling on a beach with his parents, brother, and his brother’s family. Sounded like heaven.

Just as Scorpion set foot in the airport, allowed himself to relax, take a break from work mode, his phone rang.

“Ignore it,” he muttered to himself, rolling his suitcase along behind him as he headed for the check in counter.

Whatever it was could wait until he was back.

His cell started ringing again.

“The team is fine, everyone is safe,” he reminded himself, even as his steps slowed.

When the phone started ringing a third time he finally yanked it from his pocket and answered. “What?”

“Sorry, Scorpion, I know you’re on vacation, and normally I would never interrupt that, but this can’t wait and I knew you’d want to be told,” Eagle Oswald, founder and CEO of Prey Security, said without preamble.

Scorpion loved his job with Prey’s Bravo Team, and knew his boss would never call unless it was a matter of life and death. Manoeuvring out of the throng of holidaymakers, he moved to a quiet corner. “What’s going on.”

“Got a call from an old friend of yours, David Bowen.”

“What did Dave want?”

“His sister Jessica has disappeared, he believes she’s joined a cult.”

“Okay,” he drew the word out. David’s sister Jessica was a spoiled brat who instead of helping her family during a really rough patch had been selfish and made things worse. “What does that have to do with me?” Wasn’t as though he wanted the girl in trouble, and Prey often did rescues, but why was it life or death, interrupt his vacation worthy?

“We know the cult. Its Seeds of Life, they have links to a terrorist group that believes all life but for a few enlightened individuals should be poisoned.”

They were hardcore, the cult and the terrorist group. Why was he not surprised that Jess had gotten herself mixed up in something like that?

Vacation time was officially over before it even began.

“I’m on my way.”

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