Weel 278 – Have mercy


She was so cold.

That was the first thing that drew Ariel out of the darkness that cloaked her mind and into reality.

A reality she wished she could escape.

Her eyes sprung open against her will, she wanted to hide in the darkness a little longer before she had to face facts. But hiding was cowardly, how many times had she told herself that over the years?

Too many to count.

Ariel found she was in a basement, it was damp and chilly, the cold made worse by the fact that they’d stripped off her clothes and left her in nothing but her underwear. Her arms were yanked above her head, bound by the wrists she was hanging from the ceiling, her feet a good foot off the floor.

The pain in her wrists and shoulders was nothing compared to the terror she felt.

She was helpless.

Completely and utterly helpless.

Tears threatened but she didn’t let them fall. She hadn’t cried since the day the man she loved had shattered her heart. Sebastian had been one of her best friends, she’d given him her virginity, given him her heart, and he’d reacted by throwing it back in her face.

It was a long time ago, back in high school, yet it still hurt as though it were yesterday. Although she pretended otherwise she wasn’t over him.

Never would be.

He’d been there at the bar, called her name as she’d been abducted. Ariel knew that even though he hated her he would try to find her. Last she’d heard he worked for some security company after leaving the military.

Sebastian might look for her but he’d never find her.


Someone was coming.

“I see sleeping beauty is awake,” a mean looking man snarled as he came through the door to the room where she was being held.

Being called sleeping beauty reminded her that Sebastian used to call her Snow White. The name had always made her smile and she had deluded herself into thinking he was the handsome prince who would save her from her unhappy home.

Instead he’d become the villain in her story.

“She’s a little thin, and her breasts aren’t much,” another man said, staring at her with no expression on his face like he was merely discussing the weather.

“She’s gorgeous, and uptight, the uptight ones don’t sleep around much, bet she’s tight, she’ll bring us a small fortune, guaranteed.”

Ariel was going to be sick.

They intended to sell her.

She wanted to beg them to have mercy but she already knew that men like this had no mercy inside them.

Before she knew what she was doing she was sending a small plea out into the universe. Sebastian, find me, please.

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