Cracked Sapphire

Book Cover: Cracked Sapphire
Part of the Broken Gems series:
  • Cracked Sapphire

Cracked Sapphire

Coming February 3rd 2020

Betrayed. Sold. Tortured. Now she’s trying to rebuild her life.

Detective Sapphire Hatcher was sold to human traffickers when she was sixteen. She was lucky, she was rescued, and now she has dedicated her life to saving others. Working a case where young women are disappearing from their cars while driving alone at night, her partner is shot, and a criminal psychiatrist is brought in to work with her. Try as she might to ignore her feelings for him, he won’t let her, and if she could just open her eyes to new possibilities she might finally find the peace that has eluded her for a decade.

Gideon Barlow became a criminal psychiatrist because of a trauma that befell his father’s family. Now he travels the country working with police departments on the most depraved of cases. When he meets Sapphire the attraction is instantaneous, but she fights against it. If Gideon can't help her realize that there is more to life than her job then she might end up losing not just her chance of happiness but her life as well.

↝ Trigger warning - themes of sexual assault ↜

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Out of the Darkness

Book Cover: Out of the Darkness
Part of the Conquering Fear series:

Out of the Darkness

Coming late 2019/early 2020

Don’t turn out the lights … anything can hide in the dark.

Some childhood fears follow you into adulthood. Detective Jade Hawkins is smart, strong, and successful at her job. At least that's what she'd like everyone to believe, but in reality, she leaves a tiny piece of herself with every victim of every case she works. She's starting to wonder whether one day she will run out of pieces of herself to give, but when a case has her needing the expertise of a friend she might realize what she's been searching for could have been right in front of her all along.

Miles Thomas isn’t shy to admit he is an expert in computers. Women, on the other hand—that’s an entirely different story. When his friend Jade asks for help in her latest murder case dissecting the victim’s computer, he doesn’t hesitate. He loves computers, they’re his forte, but he also can’t deny Jade anything because he likes her way more than a friend. If only he had the nerve to tell her. He might be shy to admit his feelings, but he refuses to back down when he sees how much Jade truly needs him … no matter what he has to do.

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Beauty, the Beast, and the Library

Book Cover: Beauty, the Beast, and the Library
Part of the Flash Fiction series:

Beauty, the Beast, and the Library

He kills with the veracity of a beast

Sydney Carriere lost her husband in a fire five years ago and is finally in a place where she is ready to move on. Only so far she hasn’t found anyone she can see herself sharing her life with. Then a monster from her past comes crashing into her present, and although she finds herself in a fight for survival she just might also find her second soul mate.

Detective Dante Delamarre has also lost a lot; it’s made him cold, hard, and obsessed with hunting serial killers. His whole life revolves around his job, and while searching for a killer who seems to think he’s a beast, he meets a woman who shines a tiny ray of light into the darkness inside of him. When the killer throws the two of them together, they’ll have to rely on one another if they want a chance to see if they could fall in love.

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Flashes of Fate

Book Cover: Flashes of Fate

A collection of four novelettes

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♡ Charity's Wrath ♡

One choice, one mistake, one event cost Charity everything she loved and changed her life forever.
Now she will do anything to get back the man she loves.

♡ Mackenzie's Trust ♡

Mackenzie was driving home from work when she was run off the road and thrown headlong into a nightmare.
Now her fate rests in the hands of a stranger.

♡ Angelina's Loss ♡

When your boyfriend is a killer it might just end up costing you everything. Your family. Your freedom. Your life. Angelina might lose them all.

♡ Katherine's Delight ♡

Katherine thought she had escaped. She thought she was free. She thought she was safe. She thought she had found love and could finally move on and be happy.
She was wrong.

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Lost in Loss

Book Cover: Lost in Loss

Lost in Loss

Has she been grieving a dead man or a live one?

Rachel Duncan has spent the last several months grieving the love of her life. Unable to move on, unable to function, she sinks into a depression. Then one night someone breaks into her house. The man is familiar, he reminds her of the husband she lost, and yet she doesn't recognise him. Who is this man and can she trust him to save her life?

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