The Cranes

Jett and Savannah Crane

Jett Crane

Age – 30 years old

Physical description – 6 foot 2, brown hair, green eyes

Spouse – Savannah

Children – None

Occupation – FBI Agent

Family – His dad walked out when he was twelve and he helped his mother raise his younger siblings

Fun facts – He’s very responsible and hardly ever takes time for himself, but his favorite thing to do is escape out to the woods to go hiking, fishing, camping, and just enjoy nature

Books he appears inChristmas Victim

Savannah Crane (nee Watson)

Age – 27 years old

Physical description – 5 foot 3, blonde hair, blue eyes

Spouse – Crane

Children – None

Occupation – A crime scene tech for the FBI’s Evidence Response Unit

Family – She has a twin brother, her father died in a car accident when she was a child she was in the car at the time, her mother died when she and Sawyer were in college

Fun facts – She loves to bake, especially at Christmas time, her favorite thing to make is gingerbread and every Christmas Eve she creates a whole gingerbread masterpiece

Books she appears inChristmas Hostage, Christmas Captive, Christmas Victim