The Montagues

Xavier and Annabelle Montague

Xavier Montague

Age – 32 years old (One, Three, Four), 37 years old (Five, Six), 42 years old (Seven, Eight), 47 years old (Nine, Ten)

Physical description – 6 foot, brown hair, heterochromia one brown and one hazel eye

Spouse – Annabelle

Children – A daughter who was stillborn with his ex-wife Julia, twins Julian Paul “JP” and Katie with Annabelle, named after Annabelle’s murdered siblings (babies in Eight, 5 in Nine, Ten)

Occupation – Police detective

Family – He was conceived in a one night stand, both his mother and father remained with their respective partners so he was raised being bounced between homes, his mother had four other kids and his father had two

Fun facts – He really wants kids and a family of his own but its important to him to provide a stable home and remain with his children’s other parent because he never had that, he’s godfather to his old partner Kate’s son, stopped wearing his brown contact lens to help Annabelle not be as self-conscious about her eyes, his real name is Romeo Montague but after getting teased relentlessly about being named after the famous book character he started going by his middle name Xavier, he has an ex-wife Julia who is in prison

Books he appears inOne, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten


Annabelle Montague (nee Englewood)

Age – 23 years old (One, Three, Four), 28 years old (Five, Six), 33 years old (Seven, Eight), 38 years old (Nine, Ten)

Physical description – 5 foot 5, brown hair, very pale blue eyes that look more white than blue

Spouse – Xavier

Children – Twins Julian Paul “JP” and Katie, named after her murdered siblings (babies in Eight, 5 in Nine, Ten)

Occupation – She was a teacher but stopped working after she lost her family and now helps run the Matilda Rose Women and Children’s Center

Family – She was raised by her aunt Kathy and uncle John, she only learns at the end of Six that she is actually the daughter of Kathy’s brother Jeremy, she had three siblings/cousins Julian, Paul, and Katherine. Kathy, John, Julian, Paul, and Katherine were all murdered at the beginning of One

Fun facts – She is quiet and shy and hates confrontation, she loves to take care of people, she’s not very self-confident

Books she appears inOne, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten