The Patricks

Fin and Chloe Patrick

Fin Patrick

Age – 28 years old

Physical description – 6 foot 3, black hair, blue eyes

Spouse – Chloe

Children – A son who was born prematurely and died a few minutes after birth, Chloe later names him Christopher, and a son Asher

Occupation – A doctor

Family – His mother left when he was six, then his father sent him to live with his grandparents when he was thirteen, his grandfather left two years later, he has a younger sister Samara

Fun facts – He is sensitive about people walking out on him after so many people have walked out on him in the past which is why he was so angry with Chloe for bailing after their son died, he pretends to think Chloe is crazy for wearing her Christmas outfits but really he thinks its cute and sexy and even gives her a Christmas themed sling to wear, he loves to do laundry

Books he appears inChristmas Captive, Christmas Victim


Chloe Patrick (nee Luckman)

Age – 26 years old

Physical description – 5 foot 6, brown hair, brown eyes

Spouse – Fin

Children – She goes into premature labor after a car accident and the baby only lives a few minutes before dying, she later names him Christopher, and a son Asher

Occupation – FBI Agent

Family – She has one brother

Fun facts – When she was ten she was almost abducted by a serial child rapist but realised something was wrong and screamed for help, causing the man to flee, she helped the FBI identify him and testified against him so he was sent to prison, she loves to wear crazy Christmas clothes, one of her favourites is a reindeer beanie, she had bought a lot of things for her baby the Christmas before and although its hard puts them out because she never wants to forget Christopher

Books she appears inChristmas Hostage, Christmas Captive, Christmas Victim