Some Truth Can Be Distorted


Signed copy of the sixth book in the River’s End Rescues series!

He broke her heart, shattered her trust, and left her alone to pick up the pieces.

Renee Miller sacrificed over and over again in her relationship with Will Black, and then when she needed him the most he wasn’t there for her. Now she’s back in River’s End and Will is determined to win her back, only she’s not the same person she was when they were together. Her world has been tilted on its axis and she has no idea how to right it.

Will knows he messed up when he didn’t give Renee what she needed instead doing what he thought was best, and now he’s desperate for a second chance. This time he’s determined to put her first, so when Renee’s life is threatened and it becomes clear someone is targeting her he will do whatever it takes to protect her.

Even if that means facing down not just a killer, but his own dark past.


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