Week 73 – ♡

She picked up her phone when it beeped.




Aww, her fiancee was so sweet. She wished she could see him but tomorrow they were getting married and tradition dictated that they not spend tonight together.

She was going to have to settle for texting.

‘I miss you’

‘I could come over’

‘No way, its bad luck to spend the

night before your wedding together.

You’ll have to settle for texting’

‘Did you say sexting?’

‘Ha Ha, funny man

I can’t wait for tomorrow’

‘I can’t wait for tomorrow night

She shivered. He wasn’t the only one looking forward to tomorrow night. It had been a long time since they had been together. Six months in fact. The day he had proposed she had decided that they shouldn’t sleep together again until the night of their wedding. At first it had seemed romantic, but as the months went by it turned to torture.

‘Thinking about what I’m going to do

to you when I get you to the hotel?’

Her cheeks heated, she knew exactly what he was going to do to her. He took great pleasure in detailing it in minute detail, his theory being that if he was dying with need then she should be too.

‘I’m going to kiss you senseless.

I’m going to devour every single

inch of your body. Every. Single.

Inch. Then I’m going to take you

so hard you’re never even going

to think of doing this abstinence

thing again’

Her body was throbbing now and she was very ready to ditch both the waiting until the wedding night and the no seeing each other the night before the wedding idea.

‘We better say goodnight now’

‘Worried you’re going to come

knock my door down?’

She could hear his smug laugh even though there were ten miles between them. She knew what he was like. She knew how much he loved torturing her like this.

‘Goodnight, almost husband’

‘Goodnight, almost wife’

‘I love you’


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