Little Hearts

She thinks he's her hero but he's lying to her.

Agape Candella has been obsessed with finding love for as long as she can remember, unfortunately there has been a lot of heartache along the way. When a sexy stranger saves her from a mugging she knows that this time she's found the real thing. No more broken hearts for her.

Nickolas Sleigh thought it would be easy. Make contact, use the woman, get what he needed, and then be out of there. Falling for her was never part of the plan. Now he's trapped between his rapidly growing feelings for the sweet Aggie, who wears her heart on her sleeve, and the reality that his own heart is black, and that he's going to lose her forever once she finds out the truth.

Losing her also means losing his only chance at stopping a dangerous killer who soon has Aggie in his sights.