Winter Wonderland

When winter comes this killer comes out of hiding. 

With the city in the grips of Iceman fuelled terror, Detective Parker Bell is handed the task of finding a killer who is meticulous enough to leave behind no physical evidence and self-controlled enough to lie dormant through spring, summer and fall. While hunting the serial killer Parker must also balance his fledgling relationship with Tessa Micah, who is still struggling to deal with the emotional backlash of her own encounter with a madman.

Tessa Micah is fighting to put the past behind her. She is trying to focus on the positives, she has fallen in love, she has friends to support her, she can have the future that she always dreamed of but never thought she would have. But she can only get it if she can learn to let go, move forward, and let her past be just that-her past. Her chance to do that might be ripped away from her when a killer targets her as the next victim.