Covert Risk signed paperback


Signed copy of the fifth book in the Prey Security: Alpha Team series!

An unplanned pregnancy puts her in the sights of a terrorist.

Lila Angeletti fought hard to get away from her family and build her own life. After years of not letting anyone get too close she falls for a man only to have him break things off with no explanation. Then she finds out she’s carrying his baby. Determined to give her child the life she never had she tracks down the father to tell him but if he wants nothing to do with them she’ll raise this baby alone.

Christian “Surf” Bailey didn’t want to walk away from Lila but it was the only way he could think of to keep her safe. When he learns she’s pregnant all bets are off. He’ll do whatever it takes to win her trust back and protect his little family.

But the threat to his team and someone from Lila’s past have joined forces leaving him and the woman he loves stranded in the forests of Switzerland fighting for their lives.


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