Little Dolls


Signed copy of the first book in the Candella Sisters’ Heroes series!

He’s trying to prove her friend is guilty of murder.

When Clara Candella is carjacked it brings the past she thought was firmly behind her crashing into her present. Now the sexy detective who saved her life is trying to prove that her childhood friend is guilty of the same horrendous crimes they both survived. Can she set the fact that they’re on opposite sides of this investigation aside and allow the attraction simmering between them to grow into something more?

A car chase leads Detective Jonathon Dawson to a woman he instantly feels a connection to, unfortunately, she’s hellbent on proving that her friend is innocent, even though he knows differently. Despite her being involved in his case he asks her out, only to be turned down flat. He knows there’s something between them but winning Clara’s affections while simultaneously searching for proof of her friend’s guilt isn’t going to be easy.

Regardless which of them is right danger is edging quickly closer, the killer needs Clara back and he’ll do anything to get to her.


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