Fable Killer


Signed copy of the third book in the Storybook Murders series!

She’s been held captive for five years.

Grace Bennett never expected to escape the hell she’s been trapped in for five and a half long years. Then she’s found by accident, and suddenly she has her life back. However, she’s not the same woman she was before her abduction, and she has to figure out who she wants to become.

Detective Matthew Greer pretends he’s fine on the outside, but inside he’s struggling to get over being abandoned by his family when he needed them the most. When he finds Grace, something about her determination to help find the man who took her calls out to him. Her strength inspires him, but it could also be her downfall.

Her stubborn insistence in playing a role in capturing her tormentor could end up costing both of them their chance at a happy ever after.


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