Fractured Diamond


Signed copy of the third book in the Broken Gems series!

The thing that helped her heal becomes the thing that puts her in danger.

Diamond Hatcher’s ordeal at the hand of human traffickers left her turning into herself, expressing through her paintings what she cannot put into words. But she doesn’t want to live in the shadows anymore, only when she took the biggest risk of her life letting Detective Elijah Newton know she was interested in him, he didn’t return her feelings.

Elijah’s life was turned upside down in a way he never could have expected, and although he has feelings for Diamond, there is no way he’s going to drag her into the mess his life has become. Until fate forces his hand, leaving him no other choice.

When someone starts using Diamond’s paintings as inspiration to commit murder, there isn’t anything Elijah won’t do to keep her safe, including tell her his biggest secret.


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