Little Ballerina


Signed copy of the third book in the Candella Sisters’ Heroes series!

Sharing her dark secrets is the only way to save her life.

Naomi Candella has watched both her sisters find love in the last year but she knows there’s no happy ever after in her future. When an injury leaves her vulnerable and someone leaves a photo of her at a crime scene, her friend and boss steps in to play bodyguard. Problem is Sam is the one person who has the power to make her want what she cannot have, and having him staying in her home might just be the final straw that breaks her.

Samuel Zeeke has known Naomi since they were kids, she’s strong, tough, smart, everything he could want in a woman, but she also has walls as high as the heavens built around her. He’ll keep her safe, he’ll push her to give up her secrets to save her life, but he can’t push her into giving him a chance.

He doesn’t do soft or gentle, but for Naomi he’ll try, he’d do anything to keep her safe, but his best efforts might not be enough.


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