Shattered Amethyst


Signed copy of the fourth book in the Broken Gems series!

The only time she feels alive is when she’s risking her life.

Amethyst Hatcher was supposed to die on her eighteenth birthday, against all the odds she survived, and now lives her life searching for her next adrenalin rush. When the firefighter is assigned to work with the cops, she finds herself completely unprepared for the sexual tension smoldering between her and Detective Zeb Tuck to develop into something more.

Zeb can’t deny the sizzling attraction between him and Amethyst, but he fights against it. He’s already lost so much and doesn’t want to get involved with someone who seems to have a death wish. When his newest case, hunting a sadistic fire-starting killer forces him and the sexy firefighter to work together, he’ll have to decide whether falling for Amethyst is worth the risk.

If the pair can’t find a way to trust one another they might lose more than their chance at happiness, they might lose their lives as well.


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