Week 53 – I can’t survive this way

How could she do this?

She was panicking already. There was no way she could endure this for any length of time.

“P-please,” she begged. “I can’t survive this way.”

“Did I ask you for your opinion?” he snarled.

“N-no,” she stuttered.

“Then keep that pretty mouth shut. Unless you want me to fill it with something.”

He looked down his body and she followed with her eyes, promptly pressing her lips tightly together before he got any ideas of doing what he’d threatened. So far he hadn’t touched her in a sexual way, but how long could that last?

Who was this man?

How had she been so wrong about him? She’d thought he was everything she’d ever wanted. She’d left her home, her family, her friends, her job, her studies, everything for him.

“I dont trust you not to cry out,” he said, prying her mouth open to stuff a foul tasting cloth in it.

She gagged, but he slapped a piece of tape over her mouth to keep the cloth in, then wound the tape around and around and around her head. There was no way she could spit it out now.

He had put her inside a large metal box. Her wrists were bound with rope, already she’d ripped most of the skin off, fighting to get free. He had pulled her arms above her head and attached the rope to a hook embedded in the end of the box, he’d done the same with her ankles. She was stretched to the point of pain, and already claustrophobic anticipating the moment when he slammed the lid shut, and no doubt locked it, leaving her trapped in the small space.

“If you’re a good girl and keep yourself quiet and take this time to think then I’ll let you out soon.” He stooped and pressed an almost tender kiss to her forehead.

Then the lid thumped closed with an ominous air and she wondered whether she would live to see it open again. Within seconds of being locked in she realised that he’d meant it when he’d made her strip naked earlier and told her that she’d soon appreciate the gesture. It was stiflingly hot in here already, if he didn’t come back soon she really would never live to see the box open.

It was pitch black in here.

And silent.

Too silent.

She was going to lose her mind before he ever came back to get her.

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