Week 58 – Cross stitch or blanket stitch?

Something was wrong.

He knew it, he just couldn’t figure out what.

Where was Alayna? That was Mekhi’s only concern. He didn’t care about himself, he didn’t care about anything, so long as she was safe that was all that mattered.

“Are you awake yet?” a voice demanded as someone kicked him in the ribs.

Sucking in a painful breath, Mekhi opened his eyes. He was naked and lying on the floor of his bedroom. His brother stood over him. A few feet away was Alayna. She was naked too, and held between two of his brother’s men. Her blue eyes were wide with fear, but not for herself, for him.

His girl might look fragile, her delicate features and pale skin made her look like a porcelain doll. She couldn’t get a tan to save her life. He knew this because the trip they’d taken to the Caribbean they’d spent hours lying out on the beach and by the pool as Alayna tried vainly to get her milky white skin to darken. Instead she’d come home every bit as pale as when they’d left. But his little china doll was anything but fragile. If she was he would never have fallen for her. She would hold it together until he got them out of this. And he would get them out of this.

For the life of him he couldn’t remember his brother entering his room. The last thing he could recall he and Alayna had been in the shower. The raging headache that centred in the back of his head, and the stickiness he could fell all down his neck said that he’d been knocked out, the blow had obviously taken his memories along with it.

“I see you’ve been hiding such a pretty thing from us,” his brother said as he went to Alayna and trailed a hand across her smooth stomach and up to her breasts, circling them slowly. Alayna squirmed. trying to get away from his hands, but there was nowhere for her to go.

Anger coursed through him. How dare his brother lay a hand on his girl. “Stay away from her,” Mekhi snarled.

His brother just smirked. “You know we share in this family. What’s yours is mine.” He crushed his lips against Alayna’s and she struggled harder.

He saw red.

This was exactly why he had feared for Alayna’s safety when they started dating. His brother was a much bigger monster than he could ever be, and the things he would do to Alayna would end up destroying her.

“Let her go, Damian,” he growled, his voice gone low and feral. No one hurt his girl.

“Uh, uh, uh,” Damian chuckled. “She’s ours, and since you seem to have had your fill of her its my turn.”

He shouldn’t have stayed here last night. He knew his brother was on to him. He should have grabbed Alayna and fled, only he thought he had enough time. He thought he’d assuaged his brother’s concerns long enough to gain the upper hand.

But he had been wrong.

And now Alayna was going to pay the price.

“Cross stitch or blanket stitch?” his brother sneered as he held up the large needle threaded with thick black thread.

“Touch her and die,” Mekhi snarled. A long, slow, excruciating death. He would have launched himself at his brother, but Damian could be unpredictable, and he had a head injury, he couldn’t risk Alayna being caught in the cross fire.

“I’m just going to make sure she grasps the situation. She’s ours now. She belongs to the family. To all of us. I can do to her whatever I please.” Damian was going to sew the word ‘ours’ into her stomach. He did it to all the girls unfortunate enough to find themselves in his clutches. And unfortunately for Alayna this wasn’t the worst thing he was going to do to her.

For as long as he lived, Mekhi would never forget the sounds of Alayna’s screams as the needle pierced her flesh.

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