Week 60 – Superhero


Mekhi had never before in his life seen so much blood pouring out of one person.

Or maybe he had. But he hadn’t cared about any of those people. They had simply been entertainment. But this, this, was Alayna, the woman he loved. The woman he would die for.

“Get a doctor,” he screamed as he dropped to his knees beside her.

Blood was gushing from a gunshot wound to her stomach. She had been awake but then those gorgeous blue eyes of hers had slid closed and now she just lay there. Her skin was pasty white, her chest rose and fell unevenly with each ragged breath she took, she looked like she was dying and there was nothing he could do to stop it from happening. She thought he was a superhero, that he could do anything. But he couldn’t, and he was about to fail her in the worst possible way.

He was naked so he had nothing but his hands to press to her wound. Blood oozed between his fingers. Why wasn’t the doctor coming?


Someone tugged on his shoulder but he shrugged them off. Right now he only cared about one thing. Alayna.

“What do you want us to do with him?”

He threw a quick look over his shoulder. Things might not have turned out the way he had planned but the end goal was the same. He was in charge now and his family was going to pay for threatening his girl, starting with Damian. “Throw him in the basement. I’ll deal with him later,” he said coldly.

If Alayna died then his brother was going to suffer a hundred violent deaths. He would kill him over and over again, resuscitating him each time, until his body couldn’t take it any more and he finally took up permanent residence in Hell.

Mekhi knew one day he would join his family in Hell, a just punishment for all the bad things he had done and all the bad things he was going to do. He had come to terms with that. All he needed was for his angel to survive.

Blood stained his hands, blood puddled on the floor around his too still girl, blood coated his legs, blood covered at least eighty percent of Alayna’s skin.


So much blood.

There was no way Alayna could survive losing this much blood.

Mekhi howled as he felt her life slip away.

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