Beauty, the Beast, and the Library

Book Cover: Beauty, the Beast, and the Library
Part of the Flash Fiction series:

He kills with the veracity of a beast

Sydney Carriere lost her husband in a fire five years ago and is finally in a place where she is ready to move on. Only so far she hasn’t found anyone she can see herself sharing her life with. Then a monster from her past comes crashing into her present, and although she finds herself in a fight for survival she just might also find her second soul mate.

Detective Dante Delamarre has also lost a lot; it’s made him cold, hard, and obsessed with hunting serial killers. His whole life revolves around his job, and while searching for a killer who seems to think he’s a beast, he meets a woman who shines a tiny ray of light into the darkness inside of him. When the killer throws the two of them together, they’ll have to rely on one another if they want a chance to see if they could fall in love.