Flashes of Fate

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♡ Charity's Wrath ♡

One choice, one mistake, one event cost Charity everything she loved and changed her life forever.
Now she will do anything to get back the man she loves.

♡ Mackenzie's Trust ♡

Mackenzie was driving home from work when she was run off the road and thrown headlong into a nightmare.
Now her fate rests in the hands of a stranger.

♡ Angelina's Loss ♡

When your boyfriend is a killer it might just end up costing you everything. Your family. Your freedom. Your life. Angelina might lose them all.

♡ Katherine's Delight ♡

Katherine thought she had escaped. She thought she was free. She thought she was safe. She thought she had found love and could finally move on and be happy.
She was wrong.