Closing In

The past is closing in on them, and they'll only survive if they learn from their mistakes.

Tina Thomas was betrayed in the worst possible way and doesn't know how to trust anymore. The last thing she wants is more eyes watching her, so she hides her pain. Problem is, in doing so, she lost the best thing to ever happen to her—the man she loved. Now she's being gifted with a second chance, but she could lose it all if she can't find the courage to share what she's been hiding from everyone for years: an obsessive stalker who plans to never let her go.

Two years is a long time to be without the person you love, but Detective Owen Morrison is focused on catching a killer, not rekindling a lost love. He's moved on. Or so he thought. Tina jumping back into his life has him rethinking everything that happened between them. Except he senses she's still hiding something. This time, however, he isn't going to let doubts and insecurities ruin their second chance. After all, whatever the problem is, he can solve it…if she'll let him in. But the closer he tries to get to the truth, the more Owen starts to fear Tina's secret may be far deadlier than he could have ever imagined.